Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Guest Blogger: Rafaela

I want to introduce you all to Rafaela. We met through a forum online and she is just so lovely and I love her style! Rafaela doesn't have a blog yet but she is thinking of starting one in the New Year and I really hope she does! So I invited her to write a post for my blog :) I love seeing what girls all over the globe are wearing!

'So, my name is Rafaela, I'm 18 and I have lived in Switzerland for 11

I do not really have a particular style. When I like something, I try to buy it. But I must admit that I like a lot of things so my money goes very quickly. I would describe my style as rather casual boho. When I dress, I never pay attention to what I wear. I do not spend hours in front of my closet to see what I'm wearing, but sometimes I like to try new things. For me the essential of the style is especially the accessories. We can wear something simple but if you add jewelry or scarves I think it gives life to the garment.

I draw a lot of the style of Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lauren Conrad, the Kardashian sisters and natural style of Sophia Bush.'

Here are some of my favorite items.

And here are some photos of my outfits

How cute is Rafaela?! She is just the sweetest girl too! I will keep you posted on when she starts her blog!!

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