Friday, 17 December 2010

Designer Love: WREN by Kate Marie

I discovered this amazing line from purse 'n boots and headed over to Kate's Etsy Store here and didn't know what to buy! I had way to much choice, I'm no good at decision making as anyone that knows me will tell you! I decided to go for this simple blue feather clip for starters!
It arrived and It's even prettier in person! The blue is a very rich deep blue, the color just pops against my hair! It's very well made and just clips in so you can wear it many different ways, or even clip it to your jacket!

Kate also sent me this pair of earrings as a little extra :) I wore them straight away that day, as I was wearing grey and they matched perfectly! I also loved the little pop of color from the stones at the top! I love feather jewelry!

There is so much to chose from and check out how amazing these headdresses are! I want one but I have no where to wear one :( There is so much detail in them! There's also plenty of necklaces and earrings to chose from too all made with different feathers, beads and bones, so they'll match with anything!


I want this necklace next!

Check out Kate's store by clicking on the banner below!

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