Thursday, 11 November 2010

Shopping Time

Yesterday I decided to go and tackle some more of my Christmas shopping list! I did a pretty good and got most of what I went for and even picked up a few bits for myself including some really cute bear gloves, and the best thing about them is, I can still use my iPhone because they're fingerless.! I also met my friend Kate for coffee and went for pizza with my friend Reidie and we were going to the cinema but I got really sick and unfortunately had to go home.

Handmade Hat, LC Cardigan, Tolani Scarf, COH Jeans, H&M Boots,
Lisa Angel Ring

Primark Cardigan, Accessorize Gloves

Topshop Ring on Sale

I actually got this necklace from eBay for a steal of £30  from a stylists closet!
Tiger Lily Necklace

I also tried this sweater on in Topshop that I thought would be cute for the holiday season and I loved the lace collar detail. I didn't purchase it yesterday, but I'm debating going back for it. What do you all think?

Topshop Sweater

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  1. those bear gloves are adorable, reminds me that i need to find a pair of fingerless gloves for winter too so that i can still use my iphone.
    and i really like the sweater. very cute and festive!


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