Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Outfit Time

So I wasn't very well again over the weekend and had to take a trip to the hospital, so Sunday was spent mostly asleep on the sofa

We The Free Tee, Tag Jeans, Topshop Ring,
Calleen Cordero Cuff, Jennifer Zeuner Necklace

Feeling more like a normal human being again & loving the shoulder ruffles on this top

New Look Top, COH Jeans

and the jewelry I was wearing

Earrings from Cyprus, Jessica Kagan Cushman Bangles,
Gara Danielle Necklace

Tolani Scarf, Kimchi & Blue Tunic, LC Leggings,
Chinese Laundry Boots


  1. I will share it with you Suzy!!!! We need to meet up again soon!!!


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