Thursday, 24 March 2016

Easter Treat Party

Now that you have baked baskets full of delicious Easter Treats it's time to invite some friend's over and share the yummy goodies with them! 
These pictures are from last year, as I didn't get a chance to share them over Easter with you all back then, I thought I would save them to share and it's been fun to look back on these pictures from a year ago! You can bet I'll be back in the kitchen again tomorrow baking up goodies for this weekend. 
I set up a cute Easter table displaying the cookies and nest cakes on cake stands and the blondies in a ceramic Farmer's Market basket I found in TK Maxx, all surrounding a little Easter tree we've had for years. We always have plenty of the little yellow chicks around the house at Easter time too, it wouldn't feel quite like Easter without them! 
Hang some burlap bunny bunting (DIY found here) and you are party ready! I even invited a little golden friend to join in, I had to watch him though, he was after those blondies! 

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