Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Back To Blogging

 I am so sorry I have been MIA on the blog for 2 months now, I honestly didn't realise it had been that long until I logged into my blog to start writing this post. Life has just completely taken over and things have not been going to plan! I have felt so exhausted I just haven't really been inspired to blog recently or actually do a lot of things I should have been doing, the only thing I have wanted to do is curl up and sleep.
So I decided to take a last minute day off from work and have an entire day just to myself where I have done nothing except the things I wanted to. I slept in and it felt so good to know there was not one thing I had to get done today when I woke up. I ended up catching up on some TV shows, going for a walk with a friend on her lunch break and I even felt inspired to start writing some blog posts. 
I grabbed some pink lemonade and cherries and headed outside with my laptop to work on a couple of outfit posts and some long over due travel posts (from Sorrento & Athens). These posts will be all be going up slowly on the blog over the next few weeks so stayed tuned.
Can we also talk about this awesome round beach blanket that is only $8. I haven't had time to make it to the beach with it yet so I decided to enjoy it out in the garden instead! It's super lightweight so is perfect for throwing in your beach bag and also means it dries out quickly if there is a little rain shower (yes I'm talking to you UK weather as it's raining right now).
There's a new outfit post going live tomorrow! 

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