Friday, 28 July 2017

There's No Place Like Home

My homemade cushions.

The gallery wall I never found the final frame for! 

The chair I painted with my mum (it's coming to the new house)

A DIY tassel garland.
My ever changing picture ledge.

My favourite place.

So the time has finally come for me to move into my new home and I am so sad to leave this one behind. I never moved as a child and I grew up in a house and a neighbourhood I loved (ok the tears are starting to flow already as I try to write this).

My bedroom was a gift to me on my second birthday and it has been my favourite place ever since. That room was pink, grey and white on my second birthday and it's funny how things come full circle and it's back to a similar colour scheme now. I'll always remember my white furniture with pink handles, the walls had prints framed in pink and I had a giant ladybird floor cushion, and also that mirror that you see me share my outfits in on Instagram. That is the one piece that has always remained in my bedroom through it's many changes.

It has been blue and yellow, bright purple and covered in posters and turned into a display room full of Sylvanian Families with just space for a bed to name a few. 

But my favourites will always be that original room and how it is right now, my perfect girly space. 
I've been finding it hard to take certain pieces out of the room because I want it to be the same when I come back but I also want the pieces in my new place so it feels more homely and I've always been a pretty indecisive person so this hasn't been easy for me haha.

I have so many happy memories from this house to take with me that I can cherish forever. It's going to be so strange waking up in the mornings and not walking down the same road I have done for years to go to school and then to work, and no longer coming home to our front garden to check on the daily progress of the peony plants and to my cozy bedroom. 

There are so many things I had planned to write in this post but emotions always get the better of me and I struggle to type all the things I want to say.
I know that this house is not far from where I am moving and I'll be back to visit my parents before I even know it (and probably to pick up some things I have forgotten to pack) but I will miss it and my family so much.

I am looking at all the good things about the new place though, a chance to have an entire house decorated the way I would like and my own walk in closet and a chance to make a new home with someone I love very much, although this one here will never be forgotten.

"Home, a place your feet may leave, but your heart will always be"

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