Monday, 15 October 2012

Topshop Vs Matalan Studded Slippers

I posted before about these Topshop slippers being a great look for less of these Christian Louboutin shoes. But if the £28 price tag is still about too expensive for you then I've found an even cheaper alternative.

These studded slippers from Matalan retail for just £10. They're not quite as studded as the Topshop version, but at that price they're a steal. They're sold out online now but they're still available in stores. I picked up a pair a few weeks ago to keep in my locker at work since they're so comfy to throw when I'm on my feet all day.

Matalan Studded Slipper £10


  1. So cool ! I love this kind of shoes

  2. Those are definitely a steal, love them!

    Xo, Rachel

  3. cute!

    xo Jennifer


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