Friday, 5 October 2012

Stacey's Smiles

Happy Friday everyone! The first week back at work after a break always seems like a long one but I've made the most out of every evening this week to make sure I don't get those post holiday blues!

I finally decided to get a Twitter account for my blog again so you can now follow me here @Fiveminutestyle

You can also find me over on the iPhone app Pose under FiveMinuteStyle

And if you don't already follow me on Instagram you can find me under Spark1988

H&M Trousers, Zara Tee, Rebecca Minkoff Bag

Enjoying a Caffe Caramella

An early morning made better by some Oia Jules & Spike the Punch!

New Essie Polishes from TK Maxx

Multiplying Homemade Chocolate Mice


  1. Love the snap of you in the mirror, very glam!
    Love the lip colour and jewellery :)

    Rachael xoxo

  2. Those chocolate mice are so creepy but they look so cute!
    - Monica
    Caravan of Style

  3. Those little mice are so fun, how did you make them. I love that necklace too.

    Stay in the Lines

    1. I used these moulds and just poured in melted chocolate and used liquorice for the tails!


  4. Omg those chocolate mice looks good!! Great job!! :)

    xo - Sheila


Thank You for your comments, they always make me smile :)