Sunday, 13 November 2011

Stacey's (& Susie's) Smiles :)

My second lot of smiles is for Susie! I got to spend lots of time with my best friend this week before she jetted off to Japan today! We did all the things we love to to do most and that included having a Susie & Stacey Day on Saturday (more pictures to come). I miss her already, two years is gonna be a long time to be so far apart but I'm already planning to go and visit! You can follow her blog Susie Somewhere here to see what she (and her boyfriend John) get up to!


  1. How come she's going to Japan, Stace?
    How much are flights roughly?

  2. She's going to teach English out there! I'm not really sure, I think its like £700-£800 return!

  3. Miss you already Stace :) last week was awesome though. You would laugh at some of the fashions here, when I get braver I'll take some photos for personal favourite so far is a lady wearing her visor underneath her hair, fringe and all. It was beautiful haha. I expect it to be part of your next OOTD :D xxxxxxxxx


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