Friday, 4 November 2011

Stacey's Smiles :)

November is here and that means I'm officially allowed to be excited for Christmas! I spent another Sunday crafting away with my mum, which included getting glitter everywhere when giving some giant gift tags a bit of added sparkle!

We waved Goodbye to October & Breast Cancer Awareness month at the beginning of this week but I still managed to get a few more 'PINK' purchases in.

I'm making good progress on reading the whole Twilight Saga again before Breaking Dawn is released! I'm half way through Eclipse now!

And speaking of Twilight I saw these pictures this morning of Ashley Greene and fell in love with her warm sweater!
Credit: JJJ
The lovely girls over at The Purse Forum identified it for me as the Autumn Cashmere Cropped Boxy Cowl Sweater available at Bloomingdale's for $286. It's out of my price range right now but maybe if it goes on sale for a really good deal, I might be able to snag one!

Autumn Cashmere Cropped Boxy Cowl Sweater with Elbow Patches

My sister, mum and I are also having a huge clearout on Ebay and have some auctions ending this weekend if you want to check them out here!


  1. love that sweater!

  2. I love that last jumper, loving elbow patches atm :)

  3. I think its so lovely that you and your mum craft together! I dont get to see my mum very often but when we do I love going for lunches or breakfasts, thats our special thing. That sweater is gorgeous!! Love the elbow detail with leather patch. Ill keep my fingers and toes crossed it goes on sale for you.

    Anna xo

  4. Thanks for the sweet comment Anna! I've got my fingers crossed too!



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