Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Place Where We Get Crafty

I though i\d share with you some pictures of our conservatory turned craft room! When I went to Rome back in May my mum had a week off and decided to decorate! These are just a few pictures of one corner! The rest is a bit messy covered in our crafting things at the moment since the craft fair is on Thursday!

My mum painted the table (which now has a sewing machine on it) and added the little knobs, and also made the little craft sign having on the shelving!

We also painted and decorated these old fruit crates! Which are now home to some of our supplies!

My mum added a thin wooden pole under the shelves to hold these little buckets, that house ribbons, chains and buttons!

Although I don't have pictures right now of the rest of the room, my mum purchased plenty of other things like green rugs, throws and tablecloths to finish the rest of the room off! The only bad thing about it is that it gets super cold in the winter!

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