Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Nail Color: A Freebie Nails - Inc Tate

It's that time of year again when Glamour Magazine are giving away a free bottle of Nails Inc polish with their December issue! For just £2 you can get yourself a free bottle of polish worth £11. Twilight's (not long until Breaking dawn is out!!!!!) Kristen Stewart is this months cover star and I love the colors of her dress! I'd quite like to find a polish that captures that metallic burgundy!

You even get to choose from two covers!

You can choose between Tate (Red), Victoria (Deep Red), Piccadilly Circus (Plum) and Basil Street (Beige)

I got Tate with my copy that I picked up in Tesco! It's darker than it appears in the bottle and has a super shiny glossy finish! I've been a fan of Nails Inc, ever since I had my one of my first manicures at one of their nail bars and Half Moon Street is still one of my favourites!I am debating whether to grab another copy so I can get another color!


  1. I think I want that nail colour!
    Much prefer the 1st mag cover.

  2. Me too thats the one I picked up!!


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