Saturday, 23 April 2011

Stacey's Smiles :)

It's Easter weekend, the sun is shinning and my sister and friends are all home! Those are more than enough reasons to keep me smiling but here are just a few other things that made me smile this week!

I bought some raffle tickets for the Easter Raffle where my mum works and I won this  little Easter Bucket full of goodies! It even had one of my favoutie Malteaster bunnies in it!

I'm a big fan of Lush products and I love their environmentally friendly knot wraps they do, they're good for a green planet, stylish and after the bath bomb has gone you still have something beautiful to keep! So when I walked past and saw their Easter range I had to get one of the bunny print knot wraps!

And inside my wrap is this little Hippy Chick

'Chicks everywhere need this zesty grapefruit bath ballistic. The bohemian, refreshing scents of frankincense and citrus essential oils will perk up even the most boring baths as it fizzes off into the water. Drop it in when you're in need of a spring in your step this Easter. Anyone who loves our grapefruit-loaded Happy Hippy shower gel will love the Hippy Chick. It's clucking great, so buy-buy-birdy'


And as if this week couldn't get any better I found out yesterday I had won this Lauren Moshi Bow tote bag from a blog giveaway! I can't wait for it to arrive, it'll be perfect to toss all my essentials in for my flight to Rome.

 Yummmmmmmmmm Ben & Jerry's! Who doesn't love this stuff! I feel that we're at a disadvantage to all the Americans across the pond who have a much larger variety of flavours available to them, but we did just get this flavour here in the UK, and I am coconutterly crazy over it.

Me and my dad finally got around to booking our trip to the British grand Prix in July! It's only 77 days away! Let the countdown begin!

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