Monday, 18 April 2011

H&M Conscious Collection Review

I went over to H&M yesterday to check out the Conscious Collection and I had planned to try loads of pieces on but I ended up with very little time and there was a big queue for the changing rooms! They didn't have many small sizes in a lot of the pieces either, so I'm hoping they will restock and I can go back when I have more time!

I grabbed this dress in a bigger size to try on and it was beautiful but absolutely drowned me, I wanna go back and find a small size to try on and see if it still looks like a tent or not!

This dress was gorgeous in person but I don't think it's for me, it was rather low cut in the front and I'm not someone who can go without a bra! Anyone that can should definitely go and try this dress it would be perfect for any special occasions you might have coming up this summer.

They had quite a few of the tops and I love the detail cut out on them but again they had no smaller sizes so I couldn't really give an opinion on how they fit.

I love this long skirt, but again no small sizes :(  I was so disappointed yesterday.

They also had another beautiful white dress which I can't find a picture of online that I want to find in a smaller size as well! It was lovely and light weight and for a white dress not see through!

I did however walk away with one piece from the collection, and it was the piece I wanted the most!

These white eyelet shorts! I had to size up one size but it was the smallest pair they had and the very last pair in that size too and since they are meant to be a loose fitting short I can work this size!

Overall I loved the collection, and thought the pieces were well made and reasonably priced, it's just a shame I couldn't try on most of the collection and give some better reviews! Fingers crossed when I go back next time they might have restocked!


  1. Love that first dress!

  2. Those shorts are fantastic. Like that shirt as well! You've inspired me to go to H&M and peruse now! :)

  3. love the second dress!lovely blog!

  4. Cute shorts you got!

  5. oooh so cute! I saw these in stores last week and was rushing as well I didn't have time to try on anything at all :( I was eyeing those white shorts! I am short obsessed this season :)


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