Friday, 1 April 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Where's My Bed

Not really an outfit of the day, or really an outfit at all haha!! I didn't wanna get out of my lovely bed when my alarm went off for work this morning, but I dragged myself up and made it through the working day. I came home and threw on some jeans and a tee and snuggled up on the sofa! I'm loving the light evenings now, I can take better outfit pictures when I get back from work now! This tee was given away at the SDCC 2010 to promote Sucker Punch which come out here in the UK today! I've heard mixed reviews about the film but I'm gonna check out it out, I'm all for Girl Kicking Butt Power!!!! I'm off to go get some well needed sleep! Good Night Blog World.
Sucker Punch Tee, True Religion jeans

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