Thursday, 28 April 2011

H&M Conscious Collection Review Take Two

I went back to H&M last week with a bit more time to spare and they had restocked some of the pieces from the new Conscious Collection so here is a another review with some actual pictures this time!

This is the dress I really liked last time and me and my sister both tried this dress on! I gotta say it did look better on her! I loved the tie straps and the lace detailing! I can't remember how much this one was, I think it was £29.99.

This dress comes in the pink/nude and white! I tried on the pink/nude color but couldn't pick a favourite out of the two! This one retailed for only £19.99 and is one of the cheapest dresses in the collection! The flower detailing on the shoulders is a nice touch! The only thing that put me off this dress was I felt there wasn't enough shape to it!

This blazer isn't part of the Conscious Collection but was hanging right next to it! It actually goes so well with a lot of the collection with its white waffle material and pink lining!

This is the dress I grabbed last time in a bigger size and it was huge! The had smaller one this time but I would have liked to try the size smaller too as this one still felt a bit big on me! the sleeves are gorgeous on this dress!!! This one was £29.99.

This is my 'Princess Dress'. I hadn't seen it last time and I hadn't seen any pictures of this piece from the collection but when i saw it hanging there I had to try it on! The pictures don't do this dress justice in any way! I felt like a Princess swishy around the changing room, I want to throw a Garden party and wear this dress! It retails for £34.99 and is a light pink/nude color in person! Unfortunately the smallest size they had was big on the waist for me and when I bent over the front gaped a little bit too much for my liking, I don't wanna be falling out! I will be hunting high and low for this dress in my size from now on!

I did leave with two more pieces from the collection this time! This top is pretty plain and simple and there is nothing stand out about it from the rest of the collection, but I did leave with this as I like the simplicity of it! It's just £12.99 and has a black tie around the middle, which I think I'm going to replace with something floral! I plan on pairing this with, well everything from maxi skirts, to jean shorts and cargo trousers!

I also found the gorgeous scallop hem jacket that I had been hunting for! This is a steal at just £29.99 and so light and airy, it's perfect for breezy summer days to cover up over a floral dress or to pair with dark jeans on a chilly evening! This was the piece I wanted the most so I left H&M very happy!

These two pairs of shorts are still on my want it list along with the long white maxi shirt and my princess dress! I will keep searching for my size next time I go!


  1. that blazer is super cute :) haven't seen it the last time i was at h&m,i have to check the store out again haha :)


  2. ahh stacey! everything looks so great on you! I tried on the lace white shorts the other day and they just fit me weird :( saddie. but I also tried on the scallop blazer and even though I liked it, I don't think it looked as good on me since I am kind of top heavy and in between sizes right now, but maybe I will go back and get it - it looks SUPER cute on you and LOVE LOVE LOVE the "princess" dress - what do you think you will wear it to? I don' even know if my H&M had that though.. ttyl! xoxo

  3. Thank you :)

    Pam I don't really know where I'd wear the dress, I think I'd have to arrange something fabulous just so I could wear it, but I need that dress haha!!


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