Tuesday, 27 February 2018

February Faves

Happy Tuesday! I am back with my February favourites for you all, and I'm even managing to get them up just before the end of the month, I am impressed with myself haha! 
Now Bella isn't featured as a favourite in this post, she's not a monthly fave, she's a forever favourite but I decided to put a picture of her in this post anyway because 1. I love her and 2. she seems to love the first item in this month's favourites post too! 

I had been waiting for this coat to go on sale after I had seen it on Haley from Sequins & Things during her European Winter travels and she had told me it was surprisingly warm. When it finally went on sale I ordered it straight away, and I got an extra £5 off because I took a bag of old clothes into H&M. 
Haley was right, this coat is so so warm, and it has been perfect this month as it keeps getting colder and colder. The first reason I fell in love was because it was the perfect shade of pink for a coat and the second was the faux fur lined hood, it's super soft! I got my normal size (a UK8 / US4) and I can fit some thick layers under it, I tried on the size smaller too and could have gone for that if I hadn't wanted to layer so much underneath.  

I have been using this cuticle cream for quite a few years now, but when I moved I had left my tin at home and only remembered to pick it up at Christmas. My cuticles had been super dry this winter and I noticed a huge difference when I started using this again, I have had very few hangnails to pick at since (a really bad habit of mine)! This cream also smells so yummy, it's super lemony.  

Personalised CaseApp iPhone Case {save 20% with the code 'FIVEMINUTE20'}

Last year I got to team up with CaseApp and design my own phone cases and I have been waiting for Spring to arrive so I could switch out my winter one. Let's just say I only held out until the end of January before I switched to this one, I was hoping it might encourage the warmer weather, but no such luck yet. I designed it so it would pair perfectly with the dress I made myself, which I can't wait to start wearing again once summer is here. 

I think it was a few years ago now when I started using First Aid Beauty products and they are one of the few things that I keep repurchasing! I had been using a big tub of this Ultra Repair Cream until it ran out and luckily I found this smaller tube in my stash of goodies I had been saving for travel. This one is nearly gone too now so I will have to get another tub soon. I love quite a few products from the First Aid Beauty Line and there are still some I would love to try out. One of the newer products I started using last year might make an appearance in a faves post in the near future. 

Wicklein Do It Yourself Lebkuchen

This is a bit of a random one, but I love food, especially sweet treats so it makes sense they'll pop up in my favourites from time to time. Gingerbread has been a longtime favourite of mine and I especially like all the German gingerbread goodies that appear around Christmas. I found this kit on clearance in T.K Maxx and I am very glad that I picked up two of them. I made the first one the other weekend, after spending ages translating the instructions as they were only in German and finding out I had to leave the mixture to sit for 3 hours, I finally got to try one and they were 100% worth the wait! If you love ginger and hazelnuts you will love these. 

So my last favourite from February is this eos lip balm. I am a sucker for pretty packaging so I have always loved the sphere shape of these lip balms. I had a lemon one a long time ago that I was sent from the States and have wanted to get another one for my handbag since, the only problem is that they are pretty expensive here in the UK for what they are and I don't have the money to drop that many pounds on a lip balm. So you can imagine I jumped for joy when I found some in T.K Maxx. They had mint and this coconut milk one, and since I loved coconut and pink is my favourite colour, I went for this one. I love this even more than the lemon one I had. It has kept my lips super moisturised through the winter months. I would have been sad when this ran out as I haven't seen then in T.K Maxx since but luckily Santa did and left me another in my Christmas stocking. Thanks Santa!

I hope you are liking these favourite posts and I'd love to know what are you are loving this month too, so leave your current favourite products in the comments below. 


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