Friday, 30 May 2014

Stacey's Smiles

A few treats I picked up in Harrods Food Hall. 

Exploring the streets of Holborn.

Enjoying some sunshine! 

 Picnic Accessories - Bracelet - Gorjana, Hat - J Crew, Ring - Mindy Mae's Market (10% of you order with the code 'spark1988)

After tea treats! 

Sunday marks the start of my favourite month of the year, June! It's rolled around so quick and I hope that there is going to be more sunshine than showers! I spent most of last weekend outside, wandering the streets of London, enjoying a BBQ with friends and picnicking in the woods, it's hard to believe I went back to wearing my winter coat for my morning walks to work later in the week. Here's to hoping the sun is back for the weekend again!!


Thank You for your comments, they always make me smile :)