Thursday, 1 May 2014

Snail Mail

I love the feeling of seeing a pretty envelope lying on my door mat when I get on from work, which is why I love to send out snail mail so much! I always have a stack of note cards on hand and these ones are from the lovely Jessica Marie, they are the cutest note cards I've had on my desk in a while! I love the black and white stripe detail and you can get them monogrammed too! I always have some cute pencils on hand to write with and a pinch of confetti to throw inside! Washi tape is also a must for sealing up envelopes and packages. Jessica has lots of cute cards in her store to choose from,  the Je T'aime ones are next on my wish list!

Note cards - Simply Jessica Marie
Confetti - The Confetti Bar
Pencils - Amanda Catherine Designs
Pens - Target
Stapler - Anthropologie
Tape Dispenser - Anthropologie
Washi Tape - Etsy
Tray - Tilly Maison
Mason Jar - DIY


  1. Getting hand-written cards are the best! Great post!

  2. Lovely details, the prints are so beautiful!



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