Friday, 17 June 2016

Stacey's Smiles

Getting ready with the bride for her big day! Robes from M&S.

The cutest little summer playsuit and under $20 too.

My very first home grown ponies that I rescued from the rain! 

 Celebrated 18 months with this guy earlier this week! 

I can't stop smelling the peonies! 

And yet again we are half way through another month! It's almost the official start of summer YAY!! The highlights of this up and down week have been celebrating being with the most amazing guy for 18 months, the time has just flown and he always puts the biggest smile on my face. My home grown peonies have been the other thing putting smiles on my face this week, they smell so so good and I can't believe how big the flowers are since this is the first year the have bloomed! You'll be seeing more pictures of them on the blog soon! 

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