Monday, 27 June 2016

Home Grown Peonies

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Two years ago I planted three baby peony plants in my garden, they are my favourite bloom and I decided I wanted some of my very own to brighten up the garden! I was told it might be quite a few years before my plants would flower. Last year I got super excited when one tiny little bud appeared on one of the plants, I knew it wouldn't hatch but I thought it was a good sign! That same plant was the first one to start growing when Spring rolled around this year. 
When I came back from Sorrento that plant hadn't grown much more but the one that had barely grown last year had shot up from nowhere and there were signs of buds!!!! 
I had been on Peony watch all month and was hoping that some blooms might have opened up for my friend's wedding, unfortunately the weather hadn't been too brilliant but more and more buds were appearing. Fast forward to the second week of June and there it was, my very first peony from my own garden! I wanted to leave them on the bush but we were having so much rain and the little plant couldn't hold the weight of the open blooms and they were starting to snap the stalks so I rescued the first two blooms and placed them next to my bed.
Over the next few days more and more blooms started to open up and I bought them all indoors safe from the English Summer haha! 
They smell divine and my room has been fragranced with their sweet smell for days now! In total my plant grew 20 buds this year and 19 of them opened up, even the little ones I didn't expect too, maybe the last baby will open too, I'll have to wait and see. 
I have my finger's crossed next summer my pink ones might bloom too (the bright pink one in this post is from my mum's work garden).
Happy Summer!

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