Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Claro Candles #BRINGLIGHT

I have an ever growing collection of candles around my home and I love discovering new brands and scents to burn. Claro Candles were introduced to me by Stephanie on her instagram feed.
There is something a little different about Claro Candles, not only do they smell amazingly delicious as they burn, every time you purchase one you are helping change someones life. It might be by providing a life saving vaccination for a child or supplying clean clean water to someone in East Africa for a year, planting a tree in an area threatened by deforestation, or providing a day of school for a child who couldn't afford to go.
 So next time you are looking to buy a gift for someone stop by Claro and not only will you be giving them a sweet gift you'll also be helping someone in need. Burn  a candle, Bring light. 

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