Friday, 22 August 2014

Stacey's Smiles

Farmer's Market Flowers.

Strawberry Starbucks Water (just 40p)!

Mt latest find in T.K. Maxx.

The sweetest print from the Simply Jessica Marie Shop, which turned one this week.

A bright outfit coming to the blog next week.

There is one thing that has kept me smiling all week, my best friend got engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond happy for her and I cannot wait to celebrate when she comes home from her travels. I have been doing a happy dance in my head all week. I also have a new sewing machine to start playing with and that is probably where you will find me for most of the Bank Holiday weekend if they sun doesn't find its way out again! Happy Weekend!!!!

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  1. Strawberry water?? That sounds delicious! What's in it?


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