Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Homemade Love Hearts

These homemade Love Hearts are the perfect way to send someone a personal message of love this Valentines Day. 

The quickest way to make these is to buy ready made fondant icing but I made mine from scratch using a similar recipe to this one. To give them the fizz of love hearts add some citric acid to the icing and knead it in before adding any colouring or flavours. I went for four different flavour/colour combinations but you can choose as many as you like. Cut out your hearts and leave to dry for 24 hours. Once dry you can add your little love notes to them using an edible pen. 

Wrap them up in pretty little treat bags or fill a cup full (mine is from Ikea) and deliver them to your love! I've kept some spare to decorate some cupcakes, they'll look perfect on top of these heart filled ones.


  1. What a sweet and creative idea! Happy Valentine's Day!



  2. These are adorable and look delicious!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. This is such an adorable idea!


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