Friday, 10 January 2014

Stacey's Smiles

I've already started learning a new skill in 2014 - embossing! 

Starting to rearrange some prints in my room.

The sweets little surprise from Ashlyn.

A beautiful mess going on in my room.

New skin care from One Love Organics

Is it just me or is January speeding by? My To Do list hasn't gone down much yet but hopefully I will have time to start tackling it at the weekend! I've also got a little Spring make over planned for my bedroom so I'll be browsing Pintertest for inspiration, hopefully whilst wrapped up in the warm with a big mug of hot chocolate! 


  1. The pictures look so cute up on that ledge! Love your blog, so cute =) Definitely going to follow!

  2. Lovely items!!

    Join my giveaway. Giving away 2 YSL items :)



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