Tuesday, 7 January 2014

This Year

This year I've made just a few simple resolutions, ones that I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to keep. I want to write in my 'One Line A Day' journal that my mum gave me for Christmas every night without fail. In 5 years time I want to be able to look back and see how much my life has changed.

Spend money on the things that count. I use to hate spending money on things like train tickets because I use to think it was a waste, but now I would rather spend the money I work hard to earn on the things that make me smile rather than physical things. Train tickets to visit friends or just to take a day out to London are going to become more of a priority. Fresh flowers are also high up on my list this year because they always bring a smile to my face and get my day off to a good start! I'd also love to take a trip somewhere abroad again this year, maybe Prague or even New York (if I can find someone to go with me)!

Write it down and get it done. I'm always making To Do lists but there are some things that never seem to get done on them! This year I want to make sure they do get done and I don't procrastinate so much. This includes following through on all the craft projects I get supplies for and then never end up making  (for example the Christmas stocking I got fabric for but didn't gets round to making). This year when I think of something I want to do I'm going to write it done (in a cute notebook of course) and make sure I do it. That includes the photography course I never seem to have time to do.

Wear/use those 'special' things. I have a habit of keeping the pieces I love for something special to come up, but those occasions don't come around that often and I want to enjoy the things I love! So that means wearing my favourite perfume for a cozy sofa day at home, it's not wasting it if I'm enjoying it!

What has everyone else got planned for 2014??


  1. loved the post stacey - I LOVE your new blog design it's so cute & so "you" :) UM.. come to NY.. I will 100% meet you there!! I am not joking! :)

  2. WoW! Such a beautiful dress and deco! :)



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