Monday, 1 April 2013

Perfectly Pastel Nails

I have had pastels on my nails constantly these past few weeks and for Easter I couldn't decide on just one shade so went for 5 different ones! Every time I look at them I think of Easter Eggs!

I used OPI Pink of Hearts, Rimmel Peppermint, Chanel June, Nails inc Bluebell & Kiko Lilac


  1. fun! I did my nails pastel purple so that they looked extra easter-ish. even my bf noticed that my nails looked like easter eggs :) I will have to try the multi color thing. I've been wanting to do that with "ombre."

  2. Ha I Love it! no need to decide when you can have it all. I'm getting a mani and pedi tomorrow - need to decide a nail color pronto!



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