Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Bauble Bar Monogram Necklace Review

You already all know that I love Bauble Bar (I raved about it here). If the earrings didn't sell you maybe this monogram necklace will. Monogram necklaces are everywhere, and I couldn't decide where to order one from, but when I noticed I had enough points to purchase one from Bauble Bar, my mind was made up. My usual indecisive self was debating between the medium and large but I ended up going for the large and it's the perfect size! I think this is the most beautiful way I've ever seen my initials written.

Purchase your own monogram here in small, medium or large! And if you haven't joined Bauble Bar yet you can do that here!


  1. I love my Monogram Necklace and the tortoise one that you are talking about it lovely! I've seen it too!

  2. The monogrammed necklace looks so beautiful and cute, did you get them from Opersonalized.com


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