Thursday, 18 April 2013

Don't Let Fashion Go To Waste

Every year tonnes of our clothes end up in landfills and as H&M know most of these could be reused or recycled. H&M already have their Conscious Collection, which is produced from sustainable fabrics and now H&M have a new program where you can donate your old clothes and receive a voucher for something new! It's so simple! Fill up a bag with all your old and unwanted clothes(they take clothing in any condition, from any brand, even if it's unwearable). Take it to the counter at the store and receive a voucher for £5 off your next purchase of £30 or more (or in the US 15% off one item of your choice). H&M will take care of all your old things whilst you shop for something new! You can take up to 2 bags per day and receive a voucher for each bag.

So last weekend my sister and I headed to our nearest H&M and traded in some bags. I came home with these two new dresses which will probably find their way into my suitcase for Paris and my sister picked up this dress.

You can read more about what happens to your clothes after you donate them at H&M here.


  1. Lovely dresses! I love how they look on you and thank you for sharing this information! I didn't know H&M did that, but I am glad because I have a lot of clothes to give away.


  2. cute!
    darling blog you have - i'm now following you. hope you check out mine and follow back xx


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