Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cute Camera Bags

Ever since I purchased my Canon DSLR I have been on the hunt for a bag to carry it in! I didn't want to go for a boring camera bag they had at the store so I reached out to some ladies on twitter and asked them what they used!

I found that some girls use camera bags, while others just use a regular handbag!

Rosa from Rosa Loves DC uses this gorges Kate Spade,

And Amelia from Duckling to Swan told me she carries hers in the bottom of her bag but linked me to this gorgeous Kipling bag (that is now sold out *sobs*).

I've also seen some great DIY ideas like this one for keeping you camera safe! Has anyone tried this idea?

What do you all use to carry your DSLR cameras around safely in? I'm hopefully off to Paris later this year and want to be able to carry my camera around in style!


  1. Thanks for the mention girl! I also use this cover for my camera. It keeps it safe when carrying it in my bag.

  2. Beautiful bags! Would never have guessed that they were camera bags, so cool!




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