Thursday, 10 January 2013

A New Year, A New Start

Last year I made a few resolutions and I can't say that I 100% followed through with all of them! I wrote more letters, and I tried to give blood (but after two failed attempts they told me my veins are too tiny), I did save more and I didn't completely over haul my wardrobe but I made a huge improvement! As for the snacking, we won't say much about that!!

This year I'm trying to make just a few simple resolutions! My main one should be to figure out what I want to do with my life, but that hasn't worked for me yet! I'm hoping one day I'll just wake up and realise what I actually want to do with my life! I envy people who have it all figured out, I've never known where I want to be headed.

1. Spend more time outside - I made a good start to this resolution by going for a beautiful walk through Richmond Park on New Years Day! I walk to and home from work (twice because I go home at lunch) every week day, but I want to spend more time at weekends out in the open. I hate being shut inside at work all day and there is nothing better than fresh air.

2. Join the register to donate bone marrow (here) - I failed at giving blood, but maybe this will work out instead! It's possible I will never be a match for anyone, but there's always a chance and it's a wonderful gift to be able to help someone! Whilst it might not be enough to save someones life, it can give them more time and time is something too many of us take for granted. 

3. Get even more organised - Last year I wanted to organise my closet! Well it's not quite as perfect as I'd like it to be yet! I did make some major progress after having a huge purge and It'll be easier for me to go through from now on! I sold so much on eBay last year and the money I made paid for my Grand Prix trip, my vintage Chanel which I never thought I'd own and I have a big chuck saved too which will hopefully pay for a trip to Paris and maybe another weekend visit somewhere else too! 

4. Learn a new skill - I plan to do this every year from now on! Last year I learnt to knit (although I'm not that great at it yet) and this year I'm going to learn to sew! My mum got my a sewing machine for Christmas and she's going to give me lessons! 

5. Spend as much time as possible with the people I love - I plan to make even more weekend trips to visit all my friends because time spent with them is the most precious thing and you never know what is around the corner in life! 

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  1. ooo im learning how t sew too! i just got a sewing machine and now i'm trying to find some great tutorials on hemming and stuff. let me know if you find any good ones :D and that's so strange you have tiny veins lol i've never heard of that!


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