Thursday, 12 July 2012

Recent Purchases

I haven't made too many new purchases recently as I've been trying super hard to save so I can make an investment purchase later this year!! I couldn't completely resist shopping while we were in London though and I used some birthday money to by this Forever 21 necklace that was on my birthday wish list, along with the Aruba blue Converse, that I managed to track down in Topshop.  I also found some comfy Italian leather summer sandals I used a gift card for whilst wondering through Topshop! My mum found the H&M sweater and gave it to me as an extra birthday gift whilst we were shopping to go with my H&M shorts (I loved this out on Alantic-Pacific).

H&M Trend Sweater & Aruba Blue Converse


  1. All terrific buys Stacy....I love that sandals!


  2. I love the necklace! It's a beautiful statement piece.

    Sarah x

  3. cute! Oh my gosh, ive never even seen that color converse ...neat!


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