Saturday, 14 May 2011

Stacey's Smiles :)

This week I've just felt like there isn't enough hours in the day to get everything done I had planned too! It's just been one of those weeks for me! I have also discovered that I don't have a suitable suitcase to pack all my things for Rome! It seems the 'big' suitcase I got was actually gigantic and not suitable in any way, shape or form for just one weeks holiday (in fact it's more like a month) and there's no way I could only pack 15kg in it, more like 50kg! And I'm sure as hell not going to pay those ridiculous excessive baggage charges, so I will be frantically suitcase shopping on Sunday! In all of my panic this week I don;t have a few smiles to share.

I got some new nail colors for spring and summer, I posted about some of the Essie colors I was eyeing here and I went for Tart Deco and French Affair.... so far I will be getting more, I'm just weak! I also got Essie Allure and Bourjois Rose Lounge a.k.a The Royal Wedding manicure colors! I'm excited to mix them up and see how it turns out!

It is just 3 days until I fly to Rome!!!!! Can anyone tell I'm excited, I must have mentioned it about a zillion times since we booked it and it's finally here! I won't be blogging while I'm away but if I find a spare few minutes I might line up some posts for while I'm away, although right now I'm struggling to find time to eat breathe! I cannot wait to be sat in Rome on Tuesday evening with some real Italian pizza and a big glass of wine! This is how my packing is looking so far.....

I'm obsessed with the rings I picked up last weekend! When I'm not at work at least one of these three has been attached to my finger.

And finally I came home from work today to find my package containing this amazing polka dot skirt I saw on Amber over at Amber's Notebook and some pinky coral denim shorts, I'm loving colored denim shorts right now!

I shall see you all for some smiles in two weeks time :)


  1. That polka dot skirt is effin adorable and love ur rings.

  2. good luck packing! its always a challenge for me too.


  3. have fun in Rome!!



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