Friday, 6 May 2011

Stacey's Smiles :)

I only worked 3 days this week thanks to the long bank holiday weekend, but boy were those 3 days crazy! It was none stop and I am glad for the weekend to be here! I'm even more glad that I'm getting to spend the day with my best friend tomorrow! Since we've both stared our new jobs earlier this year and she's moved away (not far, but far enough I can't just stop by everyday) we haven't spent much time together, so it'll be fantastic to catch up and have a 'Susie & Stacey Day' as we like to call them!

There's been no Formula 1 for the past few weeks so I'm looking forward to getting my hat back out in support and watching the Turkish Grand Prix this weekend! It's set to be an interesting race with Jenson Button setting the fast lap in practice today and Sebastian Vettel damaging his car during the wet first practice session! Poor car!

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I went on a dress hunt to Zara earlier in the week! I had to have this dress for Rome when I saw Kate Middleton a.k.a. Princess Catherine wearing it the day after her wedding last week! I couldn't find it in the store but a very helpful store employee found a couple left in the stock room! They didn't have any XS left so I went with small and it's slightly big on me but with the belt (which is included with the dress) I make it work! It retails for £49.99 and I'd hurry as it seems most stores are selling out of this dress fast!

I think my new vintage bag will go well with my dress for a day out exploring in Rome! You will have already seen my bag here and here as I've been carrying it all week! It may be old but it still has that 'leather smell' to it and I love that fact it was made in England too! I went to the antique market with strict instructions to not buy anything but I had to make one exception, rules were made to be broken right??

I'm also loving all the body jewelry pieces around at the moment and of course I went to my good friend Etsy to hunt for some pieces! I think I might have to purchase this leg garter from nassarius.

Chain Garter from Etsy $29.99

What's everyone else loving at the moment???


  1. OMG I actually love you right now Stacey! I've been looking for a cheap leg chain like the one at PB all day and as soon as I come on your blog here it is!
    Sooo getting it! xoxo

  2. Wow leg chains?? I've never seen that before. Have fun in Rome!! =)


  3. O.M.G. I am soo on board with that garter jewelry!! Great freakin find!

  4. i'm loving your new vintage bag, that's what i'm loving!! hope you have a grrreattt weekend pretty!

    ashley <3


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