Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Let's Get Crafty!

I'm not the most crafty person in the world, and normally I make a huge mess when ever I try and make anything, but i never let that put me off from trying! The latest thing i made (well actually i made them in August but just haven't had a chance to post yet!) is these cute little pegs for my magnetic notice board! I'd seen some similar ones in a store but decided making my own would be more fun! I just got some pegs and then used paint i already had! Found some rub on letters and some magnetic strip......

and a few minutes later.......

I made some for me and some for my sister and then i made some for my best friend too! I didn't put magnetic strip on the back of my friends though, i made her a ribbon memo board to go with hers!

Just a blank canvas, some material and ribbons, and some help from my mum with a staple gun and......

I think I wanna go make some more of these boards now!!!


  1. please post a how to on the boards?? I love the idea of keeping everything organized.

  2. i'm really loving the so so cute!! And practical too! Love it!!!!

  3. Thank Girls!

    Nina when i make the next one i'll be sure to post a how to!


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