Saturday, 2 October 2010

Going Quackers

Another belated blog post from the beginning of September! Eeek and now it's October!

Every year in September the town I live in has a Duck Race! The river is filled with hundreds of little yellow ducks as they swim for the finish line! I've had a duck every year since it began 7 years ago but my little duck has never won yet :( Although for the past few years they've had so many ducks they've done heats and then a final and every year my duck has made it to the final!

Now a lot of people don't decorate their ducks but I have done every year except one! This year I painted mine blue and covered him in silver stars! My sister decorated hers with paw prints and then every year my mum does one for a different charity, this year it was Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Mine was actually winning the final for a little while until it decided to go the wrong way! I think I need to pick a  duck with a better sense of direction next year!

Can you spot my duck??

The Final Race

Time to start thinking of idea's for my duck next year!

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