Monday, 4 June 2018

May Favourites

Happy June everyone! June is one of my most favourite months of the year, and this year it is going to be a jam packed one. I can tell you now my June Faves won't be up until probably mid July haha! 
But back to what I was loving in May. It's a rather random selection this month and just a small round up because I have been super busy again but wanted to at least share a few things as I promised I would do this every month and I am determined to at least share my faves for all twelve months of 2018. So here it goes.....

If you follow me on Instagram {spark1988} you'll have noticed that this hat made quite a few appearances in outfit snaps throughout May. It came to Venice with me and will be going to France this month, where I'm sure it'll make even more appearances on the blog and Instagram. Stephanie shared this hat over on her blog last year and my favourite thing about it is that it has an adjustable band inside so you can make it fit your head perfectly and there's no risk of it falling off and getting lost. 

T.K. Maxx Note Cards

I can't link these I'm afraid as I found them in the clearance section of T.K. Maxx but I wanted to share them because they are just the sweetest little note cards. I love sending snail mail and I always pick up pretty note cards when I find them so I always have some on hand. I adore the floral envelope liners on these ones, I might even pick up another pack if I find anymore.

I have had this water bottle for a long time now and I have quite a few different bottles but I have been reaching for this one more and more recently. Now I will start by saying it takes a little while to get the hang of how to drink out of the rubber top haha. It took me some time to figure it out but once I did it became one of my favourite bottles to drink from. It has a straw inside so you don't need to tip this one up to drink from it. I'm also not sure that there could be a more perfect water bottle for me because we all know I only go to the gym so I can eat more pizza haha!!! If pizza isn't your thing don't worry this bottle comes in lots of different patterns like this cute floral one

Another product I have owned for a long time now but was reaching for thought out May was this cologne from Jo Malone London. It is one of my favourite fragrances and I purchased a bottle of this in the airport on our way to Sorrento two years ago and it was the scent I wore throughout our trip so whenever I wear it now it reminds me of my holiday memories from Italy. Plus it's peony season and I am peony crazy! 

 Zara Floral Midi Dress

Zara has been getting it so right with dresses this season. There are so so many dresses I am loving there right now (I might do a review of some of them soon) but this beautiful floral print one is hands down my favourite. I love the soft pink floral paired with the most gorgeous shade of pale blue. I am actually wearing it right now as I type this as I just got back from a baby shower.

It seems apt that that my favourite nail polish that I wore a lot last month is called May. I don't think Chanel sell this exact shade anymore but they have a very similar pink available. I love a good pink polish, pink is always my go to colour when I'm not sure which colour to go for on my nails and I love that this one is a slightly brighter pink  but it isn't too in your face and is still quite subtle. 

So there we have it, some of my favourites from May, I am already excited to start making my list for June! Leave a comment below with some of the things you were loving in May. 


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