Thursday, 16 July 2015

DIY Marble Frame

Marble is everywhere at the moment and I have had serious crush on it this year. I had been searching for a large marble frame all year and could only find smaller ones, so I decided to take matters in to my own hands and make my own! This DIY is super simple and will leave you with lots of extra marble paper to craft more things with. 

You will need:

A Frame (I love the Ikea Ribba Frames, this size is only £6)

Start by laying you frame out and drawing out the size you need, how much extra you need to leave around the edge will depend on the depth of your frame. 

Remove the glass from your frame and repeat with the middle section, not forgetting to leave extra for folding round your frame.

Using scissors or a craft knife cut out you inner section. (Don't throw this away it'll be more than big enough for another project, like marble candle holders).

Lay your frame back down and cut the inner and out corners into the frame, this will make it easier to get a cleaner finish. 

Now here comes the fun part, peel up the backing and carefully place you frame down in the right place. Gently smooth down the marble against the frame edge by edge, I did the outer edges first and then the inner. 

When it comes to the corners to get the cleanest finish use a craft knife to cut the excess marble paper  and then you should get clean joins on the corners. Use a cloth to rub all around your frame to make sure the marble is stuck down well and to smooth out any air bubbles.

Make sure your plastic doesn't cover the clips on the frame. Place you glass back in the frame, grab your favourite print, or make one of your own and voila! 

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