Monday, 15 September 2014

The Perfect Fit Part One

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c/o Kohls

The start of a great outfit is what is underneath. An ill-fitting bra can ruin the most perfect outfit which is why it's so important to find your perfect fit and that is where Kohl's comes in! You can find your your perfect bra from the comfort of your own home (or you can go and get measured in store if you have one nearby). The online fit guide calculates your size for you and there is even a video to help you make sure you are measuring correctly! You can then search by size, style and colour! You won't believe the difference wearing the correct size bra can make, it feels so comfy, you won't ever want to take it off! I was in need of some new basics and I was yet to find my perfect strapless bra until now. Strapless bras were always so uncomfortable and dug in/slipped down/didn't have enough support. The Jezebel lace attraction strapless bra doesn't have any of these problems though, it stays put and feels like a second skin, and another huge bonus you can attach straps to it and about 100 different ways to fit underneath any dress/top! 

Thank you to Kohl's for sponsoring this post. All opinions in this post are my own.


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