Thursday, 18 September 2014


It's hard for me to believe this is my one thousandth post on my little blog! I started this blog just over four years ago and it has been my place to escape to after work and share all the things I love. My outfit posts have changed a lot since I started posting, they are no longer taken in the mirror (and my room is no longer as messy). I love nothing more than sharing fun DIY's (like this sequin hanger) and my favourite recipes (the perfect apple pie). There's always plenty of peonies around the blog and sometimes some fast cars too. I've had the chance to work with some wonderful brands like Mindy Mae's Market & Kohl's. I've shared my travels from Rome to Paris to Crete and countless visits to London. I've celebrated my baby sister graduating and winning the most amazing shoes ever. However the thing I have loved most about blogging is all the friends I have made, this year I even had the opportunity to meet up with the talented Holly and beautiful Pamela. I can't thank you all enough for stopping by, the sweet comments you leave always put a smile on my face.  


  1. Congratulations!! Hope you keep blogging.

    Xx Fatima

  2. Yeay! Congratulations! I've loved following your blog :)

  3. Love your top in the first photo. Effortlessly sexy.



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