Monday, 4 February 2013

The Ban

For the month of February I have decided to put myself on a mini shopping ban! I treated myself to a pair of Rag & Bone Newbury booties the other week and after that I thought to myself no more for a little while! So for this month I am not allowing myself to buy any new clothing, shoes or accessories. There is only 28 days this month and I'm 4 down already! Just 24 more to go! I am allowing myself one exception and that is for an item I have wait listed on Gilt (I waited listed it in January) and I have already put aside the money just in case it happens to come back in stock!

So with all the money I save this month I am going to make a wish list of items I've been wanting for a while like these jeans but have never decided to invest in!

Has anyone else put them self on a shopping ban?


  1. Not to worry, you are not alone!! I am also on a clothing, shoes, accessory ban as I was constantly buying myself anything I wanted, whenever I wanted. Don't worry, it gets easier and us fashion girls will get through it together!!! :-)

  2. I just spent a *ton* of money buying airplane tickets, so I may need to implement a ban as well. But I need vacation clothes.. ekk! What to do??

  3. Cute booties!


  4. love thm boots x

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  5. Yes, sometimes you just have to cut yourself off! It's never easy, though...and those booties look like they were well worth it!


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