Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Outfit Of The Day: Tribal Turquoise

This dress is one of my favourite summer buys and it was only £5 on sale from Primark! It matches perfectly with my Rebecca Minkoff MAC and I even did my nails to match it for the weekend!

I have been a fan of Rebecca Minkoff bags since 2008 when I saw a picture of Vanessa Hudgens carrying a gorgeous wine Matinee, which I  now have in my collection (see her here and here). My gorgeous turquoise MAC made her first blog appearance here and I can't get enough of her! I posted a picture to my Instagram (spark1988) on Sunday when I wore this outfit and woke up on Monday morning to see that Rebecca Minkoff herself had shared my picture with all her followers and that it had received over 3800 likes. I was shocked that my little picture had received that many likes normally 3 likes would be a big deal for me!

Primark Dress, Dorothy Perkins Sandals, RayBan Sunglasses, Rebecca Minkoff MAC, Ring from Italy


  1. Lovely dress! Such a unique pattern :)

  2. I love your dress. You look amazing in it!

    - Victoria

  3. cute dress, very fun! I love the bag too. The color is gorgeous :)

  4. Beautiful dress!



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