Tuesday, 28 August 2012

New Zara Purchases

Last time I was in Zara I made a point to only look at the sale goodies and not get distracted by the new fall collection. But when I went in to pick up a basic white tee this weekend,  I did have a quick peek at some of the new offerings and I left with this statement collar necklace to add a bit of neon into my closet and this faux leather and lace top, which is a little bit tough but still feminine. I can't way until I have a bit more time to browse the whole collection especially all the cozy knits.


  1. I think that necklace is really cute. Do you read Gal Meet Glam? She recently wore that necklace with a simple white tee. Perfection.

    1. Yes I do read Gal Meets Glam, Julia is so cute! That's actually when I saw the necklace, it looks much better on than it does just hanging in the store!

  2. i've been really itching to get myself a few leather pieces for the fall. love that this top has lace detailing!

  3. That collar necklace is fabulous!


  4. Stacey!!

    I LOVE your new Zara things! I just bought a statement collar necklace from Forever 21, but it's all rhinestones!! {maybe too blingy, but hard to resist!}

    xo, sam

    **Style of Sam**

  5. I love love Zara. I just done a post with this necklace, isn't it fab! Let me know your thoughts. Beth www.missikandi.blogspot.co.uk xx


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