Thursday, 28 June 2012

Stylistpick & Stylemint Review

Last week I found out that Stylemint was available in the UK from Stylistpick! I already own some Stylemint pieces and I love them, so I decided to try out Stylistpick! I placed my order on Friday and it arrived Monday morning, I wasn't expecting my package until Wednesday! Delivery is always free and incase you don't love you new purchase returns are free too! My Stylemint dresses came packaged in the same cute brown paper and suede string you get directly from Stylemint!

I purchased the Broadway Dress in the red and blue because I couldn't decide which I liked better! I take a size 1 in the tees but decided to size up one size in the dresses because I was worried they'd be too short! I could have easily gone with my normal size but these still look adorable and I'm happier with a little bit of extra length!

And just incase you can have any problems I can tell you that the Stylistpick customer service is amazing! I made an error when signing up for my account (I was rather sleepy when I created my account) and the customer service rep emailed me back almost instantly and called me at a time that was convenient for me and got my issue sorted out straight away!

There's no monthly fees with Stylistpick so you can make purchases whenever you feel like it and not have to worry about remembering to skip a month! The only downside I've found is they don't have the selection you get in the US from Stylemint  but I'm sure they'll have more choices soon!  Sign up for Stylistpick here!

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  1. Oh yay! I am so glad you signed up for StyleMint. I love them!


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