Friday, 13 April 2012

Stacey's Smiles :)

I only had to work 3 days this week, such a great feeling and this weekend I'm going to see some of my favourite people when they come home for the weekend! I cannot wait!

My mum gave me this cute little squirrel cookie cutter, I think I need to to find a nutty recipe to use!

These pale peach colour jeans were a steal from H&M at £9.74 (I used a 35% off coupon normal price £14.99)

I tried to ombre my nails and it didn't go well so they ended up with a mix of OPI Pink of Hearts & Not So Bora-bora-ing Pink. I think I will have to attempt the ombre another time!

And I finally found out my blood group!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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  1. A 3 day work week??? That's so awesome, if only.... I work all week and most weekends, tis' the life of a designer...but hey! I like my job so it's not so bad.


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