Friday, 10 February 2012

Stacey's Smiles :)

Happy Friday everyone!! I don't have that 'Friday Feeling' this week as I have work tomorrow but here are so good moments from my week!

I got my hair trimmed for the wedding next weekend, it badly need it!

A new lipstick is always a great cheap pick me up.

Revlon 'Gentlemen Prefer Pink'

The last pair of the shoes in my size I'd been after from New Look, and on sale!!

I love learning a new skill, my mum is trying to teach my to knit. Last time she tried to teach me it ended in disaster, but I've helped to make these swiss rolls so far this time!

I loved finding these paw prints outside my door first thing in the morning in the fresh snow! I wonder what kind of animal made them!


  1. I love a fun new lipstick shade :)


  2. What strange footprints haha, like the animal hopped along on one leg! PS: those knitted swiss rolls are adorable!!

    Rachael xoxo


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