Sunday, 5 February 2012

New Purchases

So here are the goodies I came home with last weekend!

La Senza (the UK's attempt of Victoria's Secret) is closing down but they didn't have any really good deals in there except for a rack of £1 items, mostly eye masks but I found this cute gingerbread man hand warmer and these dotty nail wraps! I'm not sure how great the nails wraps will work out but I'll try them for £1.

I grabbed a couple of these 99p clothes brushes in H&M, they're a life saver when you realise that you been attack by fluff!

I loved the Zara dress but it hasn't come home with me YET! I won't be able to wear it here for a good few months, so if I still love it then, I might add it to my wardrobe! But this tee I can work into my winter wardrobe!

And these came home with me from H&M, I sized up in the tank and got a size bigger than I tried on!


  1. That last tank top is great!
    A friend of mine found the mint sweater in Amsterdam! It's from the H&M trend collection and only sold in the stores who are selling that collection.
    Hopefully you'll find it too!

  2. That tank is cute!! Okay, the dress isn't with you YET! But I do love you new goodies!

    xo, sam


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