Friday, 21 September 2018

August Favourites

Happy Friday! So I've managed to get my August faves up just very slightly sooner than my July ones. Most of these I unfortunately can't link you to, but hopefully you'll be able to find them in a store near you! 

I have been a huge fan of Jo Malone since I discovered the brand around 5 years ago! I love to layer their scenes and create my own combinations and I recently went to their store in Jarrolds Norwich and tried out some some fragrances. I ended up taking home this Body Creme in Wood Sage & Sea Salt. I remember smelling the cologne when it first came out and thinking it was nice but I wasn't sure if it was me. However I tried it in the body creme in store and was in love. I prefer how the creme smells on my skin and it's lovely layered with my favourite Nectarine Blossom & Honey

I think this sweatshirt is now sold out but there is a whole bunch of other pieces made in the soft and sexy fabric and I may just have to pick up some more! This might be the softest thing I have purchased in a long time. It's super snuggly and was perfect for the chiller Summer evenings. I'll still be wearing it all the way through Autumn and probably into Winter too. It's a perfect year round piece. 

San Pelligrino Lemonades

A bit of a random one but these lemonades are my favourite. They come in a whole bunch of flavours but the lemon and blood orange have been my favourite this Summer. My Mum got me a whole bunch of these for my birthday and it has kept as stocked for the entire Summer. I try not to drink too many sugary drinks but these I have a weakness for! 

I probably didn't need another straw bag in my life, but who am I kidding this one had to join my collection. It was from H&M so it was super affordable and while it's not the strongest straw bag I own I think it'll last a few Summers. I was drawn to this bag because of the drawstring pouch inside, that also just happened to be blue and white stripes. I love basket bags but sometimes I worry I am going to spill all of my things everywhere so this one helps keep all my belongings safe. This bag kept selling out in store and online so I had to keep checking back for a good few weeks before I managed to grab one! 

Aldi Fig Garden Candle 

Diptyque candles are one of my favourites but I only have a few that were purchased as very special treats as they are out of my normal budget. I've always wanted to own one their big candles....maybe one day. This Summer Aldi had a special buy on these candles that can be used outdoors or indoors. I think they were £8 or £9 and since I haven't burnt mine yet I can't comment on how fragranced they are but for decoration you can't beat the price tag. I love the simple classic design and they look lovely on a coffee table or by a fireplace. 

Cat Necklace {Birthday Gift}

My last favourite for August is this beautiful necklace I was gifted from my friend Laura for my birthday. I love the sweet little cat design and every time I wear it I am reminded of Bella and also Laura. I had sent Laura a similar penguin one for her birthday and so these are like a grown up friendship necklaces to us now. 

So that was my little round up of the things I was loving in August and I will be back in a couple of weeks with my September Favourites! I would love to here what some of your Fall Favourites are so I can give them a try too. 

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Palais-Royal Stripes

Dress: Zara {identical} // Sandals: Iris // Hat: Nordstrom //
Bag: Purchased in Venice {similar} // Sunglasses {similar}

Would you believe me if I told you I started this post back on July 13th?! Well you probably would given my track record of blogging this year!
I thought I would finally get this post finished and press publish before 2019 and arrived haha!
You will have seen this dress on the blog already {here or in my June Faves}and that's because it was my favourite dress of the Summer so of course it was coming to Paris with me!
Although I have been to Paris a few times, this was my first trip to see the Palais-Royal and I know everyone loves the striped pillars but my favourite part was the gorgeous blue windows, dream houses goals anyone?!
Fun Fact for you all, if you follow me on Instagram you might remember in my old bedroom where I use to take pictures of my outfits there was always an Anna with Love print behind me? That is a snap from the Palais-Royal that Anna named Parisian Wonderland {you can purchase it here}. It certain is a dreamy little spot in Paris and one you should definitely stop by!


Wednesday, 22 August 2018

July Faves

Ok so I know we are nearly at the end of August and I am only now sharing my July faves, whoops but I am going try and do better for the rest of this year! My 7th month of faves is a small bunch, I spent a lot of time in July out and about making the most of the Summer! 

I used to use The Body Shop's Vitamin C face mist and loved spritzing it on to freshen up my face on a hot day or after a work out. This year they launched a whole range of new mists which I discovered thanks to Steph, who shared them on her Insta stories. If you are part of their 'Love You Body Club' they send you a voucher on your birthday each year and mine arrived just a after I discovered these mists. They were on offer so I decided to pick up two with my voucher, the coconut just because I love everything coconut and the mandarin which was my favourite from the scents I tried in store. They smell so good and have been perfect for this hot summer. Another tip Steph shared was to keep them in the fridge to make them extra refreshing! 

The Lion King Musical

I have now seen this musical three times! And let me tell you it's still as amazing as the first time I watched it! I took Susie for a Christmas/Birthday treat and it was her first time seeing it, I'm pretty certain she loved it too! 

I still haven't found the perfect eye cream yet so I am all about trying new ones. I was excited to try this one from Tarte, as I have a couple of their other products which I love. While I'm not sure that this eye cream is my perfect one either I do feel like its been keeping my delicate eye area super hydrated and I much prefer it to some others I have tried recently. Other positives, the packaging is super cute and Tarte is a cruelty free brand. 

My girl friends are the sweetest and set me this amazing gift for my birthday! I love trying out new perfumes and this present was so me. I had received a sample of one of Jo Loves fragrances earlier this year and really loved it. There's no where near me where I can smell these so this works perfectly. I get to try out all 10 fragrances at home and then get to order a bottle of my favourite. I haven't tried them all yet so I haven't made a decision on which one I am going to chose but the current front runners are Pomelo, No.42 The Flower Shop & White Rose & lemon Leaves. If you have tried Jo Loves leave me your favourites in the comments below!  

I had been lusting over these sandals for months and was so happy when I finally found them on super super sale for 70% off and they only had my size left! It's like it was meant to be! I love how comfy they are and the slightly cushioned soles. My last pair of Sam Edelman sandals lasted me for years and hopefully these will too, now if I could just find the tan version on sale too!  

My most favourite thing in July, this spot right here at the gorgeous resort we stayed at in Lithuania. I will share more about our trip in another post but for now I will share the place I loved sitting and reading my book and relaxing. I wish I was back there now!  

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

The Plantation Garden

Dress: Free People {also here & here} // Hat: Nordstrom // Sandals: Tory Burch // 
Necklace: ASOS // Bag: Purchased in Sorrento // Picnic Basket: Fortnum & Mason

Hi Everyone! Sorry I have been so MIA again. The weather has been so beautiful this Summer that I have been busy making the most of it and since Sean actually has some evenings off in the Summer, sitting at my computer when I get home from work has not even been an option I have though about!

At the end of June my Mum & sister organised a surprise picnic birthday brunch for me and they took me to these gorgeous hidden gardens in the centre of Norwich. I just realised when uploading these pictures that we didn't get many photos of the 'garden' itself, I was too busy obsessing over these beautiful steps! Oh well we will just have to go back again and take some more! With all the sunshine we've had it really felt like we were somewhere in Southern Europe for the morning. And how cute it the little Fortnum & Mason basket?! I had been eyeing one for a while and they picked one up for my birthday for me!