Sunday, 15 April 2018

Weekend Comfs

Happy Monday Everyone. I thought I would stop by and say hello again! I spent last weekend in Venice and I can't wait to share more on that with you all. This is going to be my first full week of work in 4 weeks because I have had so many long weekends, it's gonna seem like a long week I can already tell. 
This is a super simple comfy outfit I have been reaching for on weekends where I have lots of errands to run and things to get done. I actually shot this look a few weeks back now but without realising I reached for these exact same pieces again this weekend. I love how soft this pullover is and it comes in a whole bunch of colours. I was debating between the green and pink so I let Sean decide for me and he choose the army green, he probably thinks I have too much pink in my closet but there isn't such a thing as too much pink in my opinion. 


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